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2019 Annual Report

(Excerpted from Seifi Ghasemi's 2019 Chairman's Letter)

As we move forward, we see significant opportunities to solve sustainability challenges through gasification, carbon capture technology solutions, and hydrogen for mobility. Gasification enables an environmentally friendly way to use plentiful, lower value feedstocks, and technology strength is key in this area. Completing the acquisition of GE’s gasification technology this year, and with our other capabilities, we can provide a complete solution to our customers, including development, technology, engineering, construction, and operation of large syngas projects...

Together, our gasification, carbon capture and hydrogen for mobility efforts will continue to transform the contributions we are making to solve the urgent environmental issues of our world.

Investor Relations Contacts

Simon Moore
Vice President, Investor Relations,
Corporate Relations and Sustainability

Simon Moore
(610) 481-7461
Mun Shieh Photo
Director, Investor Relations

Mun Shieh
(610) 481-2951
Sue DeLong Photo
Sr. Administrative Assistant

Sue DeLong
(610) 481-5775