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Why Invest in APD?

Air Products is a leader in the industrial gases industry with strong positions in diverse end markets, including energy, chemicals, electronics and manufacturing. With our atmospheric and process gases, performance materials, equipment, and technologies, we supply innovative solutions to energy, environment, and emerging markets.

Leading Supply Positions

Air Products provides solutions and applications that drive value for our customers and our investors. For example, we are the world’s largest supplier of hydrogen for refining and petrochemical processes. We have leading supply positions in oxygen for steel production and gasification processes.

Global Scope

We are geographically diversified with operations in 50 countries, and 60 percent of our revenues outside the U.S. At Air Products we strive to develop lasting relationships with our customers built on: understanding of their needs, integrity in the way we do business, and a passion for exceeding expectations.

Earnings Stability

There is a high degree of stability in our earnings. We have a strong balance sheet with "A" bond ratings, and we generate strong cash flow. We also have attractive business models in how we go to market. For example, the majority of our business is supplied under long-term contracts. We have energy and raw material pass-through capability for the vast majority of the company's sales.

Growing with Discipline

We have substantial operating leverage as we load our existing assets with good opportunities, and increase productivity and operating efficiency across our businesses. Each and every day we work hard to improve our business portfolio, focusing on actions that we can control to improve cash flow and create shareholder value. With a focus on safety, simplicity, speed of execution and collective self-confidence, our goal is to become the safest and most profitable industrial gas company in the world.

Forward Looking Statements

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